Backblaze B2 rust library –

Published 2017-06-27 by Alice Ryhl
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This page functions as a home page for my rust library backblaze-b2-rs. Here are some links to the project:

To add this library as a dependency to your rust crate, add the following line to your Cargo.toml:

backblaze-b2 = "0.1.9-2"

The library is used for interacting with the web service backblaze B2. Backblaze is a company that provides a backup service, and they have created a web service with an api called B2. This service allows the user to store files on their servers, allowing them to be retrieved at any time.

The service functions through a https json interface, and this library has various functions for listing, uploading and downloading files on backblaze B2 through this api.

Most documentation for usage of this library is found on the documentation for the raw module. I have planned adding another module with better functionality for handling stuff like expired authentication and errors like too many requests.


I’ve written a command line upload/download tool using this library as a proof of concept. This tool can be viewed here.