My name is Alice Ryhl. I’m a self-taught programmer who really likes math. This is a website where I show off a few things I’ve made.


I’ve played a lot around with fractals, especially the type of fractal called a newton fractal. I’d say that the newton fractal has become my go to hello world exercise when learning a new language. In my adventures with fractals I also played around with the GPU.

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I’ve created a rust library for interacting with the web api backblaze B2.

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I’ve made a few electronics projects. I’ve written an article about one of them, where I simulated the game of life on some LEDs, and controlled it via Bluetooth.

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Where to find me

GPG Fingerprint: 49F6 C1FA A749 60F4 3A5B 86A1 EE7A 392F DE96 209F Download public key, or find it on a keyserver here.